We want to feel leadership


Submitting to leadership and the leaders that be brings about blessings uncountable. The leader may not be ‘perfect’ but when the fear of God informs how we perceive them, (where we see them as chosen by God and though weak or strong, good or bad – we see them as worthy of respect and honor), then there is a grace of favor that God bestows upon the followers and the leader. After all, there is no one who wants to be called a leader and have no one following. They may not be right in your eyes but there the ‘WHY’ God has chosen them for the said season…

God is able to change them, remove them from leadership, replace them, reprimand them or use them or do what He alone can do as God. AS.GOD.

Deborah of old sang in Judges 5:2-3

When Leaders Lead Then Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoain sang on that day, saying: “When leaders lead in Israel, when the people willingly offer themselves, bless the LORD! Hear, O kings! Give ear, O princes! I, even I, will sing to the  Lord. I will sing; I will make music to the Lord, the God of Israel.

The Israelites had done evil as had become their usual and were set on edge – this time it was the hand of Jabin, king of Canaan. And did they cry…

God raised a prophetess, Deborah who spoke counsel to the people and instructed Barak to take an army and head to battle.

He said was afraid… and he was.. he would go only if Deborah went with him. She did not ridicule him but strengthened him. Only the glory would not be be his. Fair enough.

If it was in today’s #NyeriTimes, maybe she would have poured hot water on him for not being ‘the man’. But as we said earlier God will do what he alone can do. AS.GOD.

So he routed the army under Sisera and after the strike the shepherd, scatter the sheep scenario, victory came when Jael, a woman who was a family friend to the enemy realized it was her to save her nation.

God did it through her and yes through him even in His way and leadership was felt.

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How come?

 How come when I attempt to act differently I get corrections all around or stares that tell me everything is not all ok? That it’s not business as usual? But it all seems ok for others?

If this is the case, be ye happy and rejoice. You are rightly questioning and need to carefully consider your ways for these reasons among others:

  1. It means your conscience is still alive

The inward witness is spurring you to realize the path you’re on and help you avoid it, Keep the path of instruction – hold onto instruction, do not let it go – guard it for it is your life Proverbs 4:13. Some neglecting these – faith and a good conscience have made a shipwreck of their faith

  1. It reminds you healthy boundaries

I remember about five years ago attending a training course on relationship with boundaries. Societal mores and morals may have weakened and the boundaries pushed away day by day but you have a choice to make. To be the one that makes the difference and hence a light or to be one of the compromising many. Jamie Grace in her song White boots talks of keeping her boots from being dusty. The word urges us to take only ways that are firm            Proverbs 4:12

  1. The spirit of God who lives in you is jealous and would warn you to avert disaster in your life

There is a confidence that comes with self-respect. You know you have no blame – there is a blessing for being blameless. Definitely when the enemy tries to accuse you before the father, you have given him enough ground to overcome as you have weakened your defense. My son, do not take lightly the discipline of the Lord – He is taking you as sons – for which son does not receive discipline from their father – unless he be illegitimate. The proverbs story speaks of how to avoid the path of the adulteress. Let no one lie to you’ the path of downfall is not necessarily a one-day thing, though it can be. More often it’s a slow fade whose speed you may not notice. A crack here and there, then a brick falls off till finally the whole building crumbles. The things the world applauds may look enticing but remember they are just temporal for to be a friend of the world is to be an enemy with God.

Resources to encourage you as you walk or run

Jamie Grace – I am a God-girl

Casting Crowns – Slow Fade

Trade not aid;what women want

To create is a human nature that finds its roots in God himself. The trend in Africa has been to  and accolades of sympathy to those in need and wish that one day they will stop the culture and somehow become financially independent. The most affected are the women; our mothers, sisters, wives or simply friends.

These have felt the pain childbirth but the most devastating pain is when they see their precious babies threatened by sickness without any hope of getting them proper treatment; sleeping on an empty stomach or worse still seeing their children, their strength grow without a fair chance of opportunities for education. How can one child who barely gets anything to eat compete on level ground with another child who from as little as 6 months has been exposed to advanced technology and knows the world is all theirs to conquer?

Deliberately trade not aid should be a guiding philosophy to make sure women take part in development. They need to use their skills, talents and knowledge to engage in trade to provide for their families. Confidence and a high self-concept that will boost their esteem and maximize their potential.