It’s time to do something

My eyes have been opened at the beginning of this new month of August, actually yester morning as I was leaving home… BRAVE woke up and wanted to breastfeed on and on and I felt a little inconvenienced… After breastfeeding, she didn’t want to go back to sleep either. Of course I predicted hunger and went out to prepare breakfast but to be honest I wasn’t feeling that this is how the script should go.

God dealt with my heart. There is actually no script for parenting…

Neither for life.

In the story of your life, don’t disengage.
Show up.

Keep showing up.

Even if the something is waiting.

As long as you are doing what you know God has asked you to do no matter how small or big… You are being faithful.

Moment by moment – to stay or move

The problem comes when we only want to keep moving… All the time… Yes if it’s time to move forward move in obedience.

We get into this inertia where we feel the pressure that God must do something for our situations (and he will) and do it now. Immediately. Urgently. Miraculously. And while that’s often good, it will not always the the case. We can only tell the difference by keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. To get real-time knowledge. Grace for moment by moment. Because God is real and promised to always be with us, to never forsake nor leave us.

Do you see the whole thing?

He ordains times and seasons. When we’re feeling hurried to move and he hasn’t said move or are really not being intentional in our tasks or present, we’re actually being disobedient to God. Being still is something I am still learning because of my natural tendencies to be driven. When faced with things that need patience or my continued involvement especially without clear results I feel like giving up and hibernate. That’s my trigger for moving forward. Am not always right! And that hurts… What’s your trigger for either wanting to remain where you’ve been or wanting to keep moving forward without intentionality to be present in the current season?

Your delay is costly

What I also learned is that yes you may be in that situation because you are feeling discouraged but your discouragement may be costing someone their destiny or freedom. It’s appropriate to seek for help and be free again so you can lift up another. Your story will heal another person. Don’t delay further. You are precious and loved.

His ways are perfect.
His ways are higher than our ways.
His ways are wiser, better, sovereign.

If I am His I have to follow.

Casting my cares upon Him because He cares.

He’s not callous

He loves me.

He’s a good good father.

I choose to DO SOMETHING.


This new month we will DO SOMETHING…

#choosehopesharehope #choosehope #hopeisalive #hopedoesntdisappoint


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