Tough times never last but tough people do!

I didn’t tell you we’ve began eating better. Am yet to take the measure on the scale but the fear is gone. The comments I received on the post – Being BRAVE one day at a time encouraged me. I know am not alone. Neither am I the only one.

That’s why we must choose hope and share this hope. I am learning patience and I have learnt to accept my lot, those things that I cannot change. 

Of course am making effort to change what I can like making oat and banana pancakes. They are yum yum. 

BRAVE has had success sleeping on her own on a few occasions. Yeey! And how to climb tables and chairs. Its as beautiful as its scary. You don’t know whether to encourage or shun the activity…

My tiny baby is not tiny anymore. If I try holding her as a tot, she kicks and kicks. Fine she is a toddler. Soon she will be a terrific two. Then an amazing three year old (threenager?) Ah, okay, one day at a time by God’s grace.

I am really waiting for the day I will ask her to go and sleep on her own and she obliges!

I discovered that when I apply these four principles my life is much better. 

1. Get enough rest

2. Eat a healthy diet

3. Stay on my knees

4. Keep the routines simple

These are from Focus on the Family.

I doubt there is a mom who doesn’t have a struggle with their children. Or seeing significant differences between children and wishing there weren’t any. Like the child who has a great appetite and the other who has a very poor one, the child who wets their bed and the one who quit before you wanted to stop buying diapers. Some children seem like that square among circles.

And it can be disturbing. Are they going to turn out okay? Will they ever be “normal”? Be assured it has nothing to do with you. 

Their maker knows them and has a good plan for the child. A good plan for you too.

Remembering my childhood, I wet my bed till I was in class 8 and that one day in Form 1. I was so happy when my parents transferred us to a day school just before I could join boarding in class 5. I honestly rejoiced. 

I believe there is a connection between self esteem and bedwetting. Some cases need a doctor but not all. You as a parent need to study your child, understand them and take appropriate action, reassure them or see a doctor.

No amount of beating from my loving mom helped me. I felt ashamed when it happened again. But guess what, I overcame it. Finally. Somehow. And so will your child. So relax. Please. And always tell your child how much you love them. Repeat repeat. 

Those memories count. Am sure you remember some bits of your childhood, some good some utterly bad. We cannot avoid.

I remember how we used to pray in our family. I dreaded those times because of what I perceived as long prayers. I dozed countless times and was left at the table! With no lamp… There was no solar energy or electricity.

But those prayers helped. They laid a firm foundation of faith. They protected me from probably many wrong decisions that would have wrecked me. Mom, dad, thank you for all that you prayed for me and with me, even if I could care less back then. Know I appreciate. Please keep praying for me even now coz am still your child.

Lesson: How I pray that we as parents will consciously help build good memories that will last in our children’s lives.

We need to pray for our children and with our children.

Be blessed.


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