Only truth and results will matter

Earlier today, I reminisced the time I would have free days to do as I wished. Now I treasure my weekends and try my best to keep them free so that I can rest. While that is good, today I felt a prodding to activate my faith by doing some things I have been putting off. Why? The only time I have assurance of is TODAY. The day of the Lord is coming soon. What report of stewardship will I give? Excuses don’t matter…. Only truth and results. 

In the last days the love of many will grow cold. I am fully included in the many whose love has grown cold. Love for God. Love for my husband. Love for my friends and neighbours. Love for my dreams. Love for those that hate me. 

We are encouraged to fan aflame our gifts. To go back to the first love. To keep the habit of meeting to fellowship which many have neglected. Not to forsake the meeting of brethren even as we see the day approaching. 

Laugh today. Make someone know the love of Christ. Share a meal with a neighbour or a stranger. Give a hug to a sister or brother in Christ. Tell your husband or wife that you love them and mean it.  Seek to understand his or her love language and learn to speak it without any strings of expectation. Appreciate your God-given unique gifts by putting them to work to serve the kingdom of God. Awaken the small group fellowship. Attend the prayer meeting in the local church you have been putting off. Plan that “I am sorry meeting”. Send that Thank You Note! 

Shake of the lethargy. Let go of the apathy and familiarity in your marriage, kingdom service or workplace. Jesus is coming but before He comes all must hear the Gospel. Are you keeping your end of the bargain to make disciples today? You have the promised helper the Holy Spirit.



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