Day 9 – The gift and call of God are irrevocable

I want to see some mountains move

30-day Blogging Challenge: #ichoosehopeKE #landofhope

Today I reminiscence a post I made on my Facebook timeline a few months ago. Something I have been thinking about. How God calls and chooses His vessels to the world.
I feel so proud to see people coming into their ‘own’. Showing up. Having courage to be the ‘real’. AUTHENTIC.  People I saw as young students, curious for life. Hearty. Far back then, one could have judged some or underestimated their potential.  But because they believed and hoped and stepped out… they are making the difference in their spheres of influence.And not necessarily they are celebs. Far from it. They are simply daily living out the calling of God on their lives. Whether they influence many or few. Whether they are household names or not known by many. They are simply exhibiting servant leadership, excellence and transforming the motto of my Alma Mater, Daystar University!
I remember the many chapels we attended (it was mandatory… you needed a good lens to see the best in these twice a week sessions). Some of these people were dedicated. Some were of course at a stage of struggle and were even labelled as not so- Christian.
Now looking back and seeing the beautiful things God has done in and through all these people, both those viewed as good and those on the opposite spectrum; it is simply amazing 🙂 🙂

#learning The race is not to the swift for sure, but time and chance happen to them all.

God is not a respecter of persons, he uses anyone that he chooses. Moreover He uses the available vessels. Whether made of clay, silver, gold or even wood. How amazing…

If I was to go back to my campus or any other campus, I would tell the leaders to believe in their people, to encourage them since even when they don’t look polished or okay, they are diamonds in the rough. I would also tell the students to love themselves, trust their journey and believe in the beauty of their dreams.

The gift and call of God are irrevocable – Romans 11:29 – this verse I remember God whispering to me at that time when I was a leader in the Christian Fellowship. Now this really makes sense.

If you have found your place in this world, keep running the race God has set before you – with endurance, muscle for the long haul that we have a testimony for those who come behind us

If you are searching, do not give up. Time belongs to God and He has given time to you as a gift, let be as they say a matter of time.

I celebrate these FELLOW PILGRIMS in the journey. I may not name names but you bless my heart.


I am sure you will love this song that speaks truth to our journey… What if I gave everything by Casting Crowns

I wish you blessings.

Dorcas Koome-Muthama


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