Day 5 – Seed on fertile ground:a call to faithfulness

seed on fertile ground - a call to faithfulness

Today I am quite tired after following the news on the Kenyan elections and really stabilizing myself to writing this challenge. What’s on my mind is what exactly motivates being faithful.
Faithfulness is not easy especially considering how frail we are as human beings. It concerns the calling of God on your life, not merely going through the motions of the jobs we do and everyday life. It is absolutely possible and may happen that we have those survival mode seasons, but they are seasons. We are to hold on to the permanent and live in it. Sticking it out. Showing up again and again. Allowing ourselves to dream again. Dreaming big. Seeing the end from the beginning. Taking actions to make our dreams and visions come true. Trusting God through the process. Let’s say you tried something you believed in and it didn’t work out. How many times would you try again? That’s a challenge to myself too. Or if you truly missed the mark, how many times would you keep coming back after realizing you were wrong? I heard it said that it’s only a mad man who upon realizing that he is headed in the wrong direction, accelerates. Funny… But it’s the sad reality many of us at certain times live in, even when we have heard God clearly and know what He would have us be or do, keep moving in the opposite direction. We console that you know God will understand or better yet, we will change things later.
Time and again a great man or woman fell to a mighty thud after numerous successes. WHY? Because the goal is finishing well, faithfulness. Not only running but running well.

Surrounding ourselves with the truth
Faithfulness starts with knowing who you are at your core. Being comfortable with your unique personality and interests. The passions that make you come alive. The fears and challenges you would love to overcome.
Imagine if Jeremiah ignored that he was called to be a prophet… Or Paul refused to become the missionary as He was called… Or as I have been reading in John Ortberg’s book The Life You’ve Always Wanted that imagine Genesis if God said while creating various parts of creation “that’s not my job”.

C.S. Lewis said that each person is created to see a different facet of God’s beauty – something no one else can see in quite the same way – and then to bless al worshippers through all eternity with an aspect God they could not otherwise see. Wow! If we all lived to be the true version of what God intended us to be.

Thus we have become comfortable with the truth about who we are, our highest calling, fighting the battle, whether winning or losing. When going through the waters and the fire will not erode our confidence. It will indeed strengthen our muscles.

Pressing on for we have a HUGE CLOUD of witnesses
It is encouraging to know that we are not alone. The path we walk is beaten. Footsteps of other faithful soldiers have trodden the path. When loneliness creeps in, fear hits our hearts, disillusionment kicks in, we only need to remember that ours is a path walked before. We only need to remember who called us, whose we are and why we started the journey in the first place.
Thus we can confidently sing along to the song Hearts Courageous by Maranatha! Music

Give us ears to hear that still, small voice,
And give us lips, forever willing to rejoice.
And may our eyes be lit with wisdom,
May we know the path that’s true,
And we’ll march with hearts courageous after You.

 We’re marching on… with hearts courageous,
We’ll follow where you want us to.
And should you lead us where the battle rages,
Let us march with hearts courageous, after You.

 And when sorrow dims the light along our way,
Help us to see each time of darkness through eyes of faith,
A time for hope, a time for courage,
Knowing you will lead us through.
And let us march with hearts courageous, after You.

 We’re marching on… with hearts courageous,
We’ll follow where you want us to.
And should you lead us where the battle rages,
Let us march with hearts courageous, after You 

We’re marching on… with hearts courageous,
We’ll follow where you want us to.
And should you lead us where the battle rages,
Let us march with hearts courageous, after You.

 Let us march with hearts courageous, after You.
Should you lead us where the battle rages Lord we will match with hearts courageous after you

Rejoicing in the promise
Mark 4:8 Still other seed fell on good soil, where it sprouted, grew up, and produced a crop — one bearing thirtyfold, another sixtyfold, and another a hundredfold.”
The promise is to bear fruit, one thirtyfold, another sixtyfold and another hundredfold once the seed falls on fertile ground! This truly excites me. It ignites hope because there is a reward. That we are not running in vain.

Today, will good seed planted in your heart fall on fertile ground?

Dear Lord, may we today walk in the truth of who you made us to be and do, walk confidently in our journey and joyfully hold to your promise of fruitfulness.

Dorcas Koome-Muthama


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