Day 3 – A quiet waiting heart

he will quiet you with his love

Welcome to Day 3 of the 30-day blogging challenge #ichoosehopeKE #landofhope

You know the “I can’t wait” syndrome. No we can wait! Many times we have to wait. Sometimes we wait and things turn just the way we wanted and forget all the pain we endured. Happy dance, right there! We have been so patient!! I know, right… Then sometimes things don’t turn the way we wanted and we hurt.
Let me in this post discuss the third scenario, regardless of how things turn out, WE ARE CHANGED. What mattered here is the disposition of heart that we keep while we wait. It’s not the end but the journey and the experience at the end of the waiting.  And the journey is not easy at all, what of the bruises, the wounds, the pain, the fatigue, the disillusionment, the seemingly endless climb?
It seemed that last year I was always waiting for something new, something different. This scenario of a quiet waiting spirit was so real last year especially when I was waiting for the baby to arrive, waiting to finish my work days and take leave- they were 17 days when I started counting, waiting for my husband to come home, waiting for the year to end, waiting to start driving myself… so much to wait for. SIGH. I was super excited but deep in my spirit I felt that I need to wait in a different way, a different attitude.

Assurance that no one knows us as the Lord does
Naturally, I wanted to look for someone to share how I felt, you know, social media, huh? I also wanted to deal with the issues myself but it was hard, my fingers, lips were twitching… Who would understand me and answer me quickly and adequately? I wanted to pray and know all will be well. I just wanted to relax and shove off the adrenaline rush. Should I here claim that I was strong and did all that was expected of me by God? Not at all. But I learnt quite a lot. To be quiet, to be still and be confident in hope while waiting.

Praise report:
I can gladly say the year ended, I went for leave, the baby arrived and is blessing us each day, my husband came home that time and many more times(will share about this later), I learnt how to drive well but most of all my heart changed..
Why, God could have given me all those things in an instant but am glad He first worked on my heart instead.
The Song “Give me you ” by Shana Wilson was great in that season

Friends, there is a reason God made times and seasons, days and nights.
I am sure you will be waiting, if not now sooner than later.
I promise you that in the waiting, our hearts will change, we will be quiet and gravitate towards Him, the lover of our souls.
I urge you to be quiet in  your heart and rest in the assurance that no one else knows you and your heart like God Himself. This too will pass.

Dorcas Koome-Muthama


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