Day 1 – Dream Again

Dream again
Day 1 of the 30-day blogging challenge #ichoosehopeKE #landofhope

I am very excited about this challenge. Check out the motivation for this challenge in this post here.  You see dreams come and dreams can wither if abandoned or procrastinated over and over again. Ponder these questions:
When you wake in the morning, are you living your dreams?
Are you taking steps to make sure that your dreams will come true?
Even if you feel stuck, are the dreams there or have you left them die?

These questions are crucial so that you don’t spend your lifetime on vanity or less than the life God intended for you to live.
We all manifest energy in some activities daily. Have you ever seen a person so energetic that it becomes stunning whether it’s the task they love or are they expending that energy out of frustration? Sometimes I scrub the pots to give them a shine as if saying that I can do this well, let me do it. What if I expended the same energy to work on my personal goals?

To achieve dreams requires discipline, read “Kujituma” in Swahili. It means being able to work diligently while enjoying the process.  It means taking actions daily. It means being consistent. I knew from high school that I wanted to write and encourage people, I thought of making boomarks to encourage people but never came around to doing it and even created a blog while in campus but I did not take it seriously. Almost 10 years after I had the vision, I have done it and by God’s help I WILL BE VICTORIOUS. You do not have to wait for such a long time, begin today, remember today is the tomorrow you talked about and hoped for yesterday.

The good thing and a real blessing from God is that His gift and call are irrevocable! You can dream again, as Kambua says in her song AGAIN “standing tall again, again, again, again!” Don’t I just love this! Overcome now by starving this giant called fear.

Actions you can take to dream again

  1. Simply take a piece of paper and scribble your thoughts now without holding back
  2. Write a letter to your future self on the actions you are taking (today). This will motivate you to get up and work on it. I suggest you use a positive tone as I believe that you are already taking those great actions to achieve your dreams.
  3. Just start where you are with what you have. God will light your way, by His word your feet will not slip.

God who keeps our fires burning

This song inspires me, I pray that it shall inspire you too to keep hope alive and ignite the passion of the dreams God laid in your heart long time ago and also birth new visions of the greatness you hold inside of you.

God who keeps our fires burning, burning through the darkest night ~ Matt Redmann

God created you a masterpiece, don’t die a photocopy.
Today, make the important things matter so that they are the matter.

Live and love; you are known, loved and accepted by Adonai!


Dorcas Koome-Muthama


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