Always learning

Pointing to the sky above

This morning I was preparing myself to go to work. I was ironing my clothes, listening to some music while humming along. I noticed my younger cousin was up but not doing anything specific just gazing as I multi-tasked along. Usually she is an early riser and gets herself ready in very little time. However, today she didn’t seem in a hurry!  She was going to pay her fees at the bank; which opens around 8am. School would come after that.

That is not what majorly concerned me; it was her almost fixated stare at what I was doing. So I asked her: ” Why are you so idle today?” I was also asking how often she reads her bible and suggested she use that time before going to bank to pray and study a few verses. Her answer which I thought was brilliant was that “I am in class“.  That is when I realized she had been watching as I removed each crease and straightened each fold. After a short while, she finished the class and went on to do ‘other things’ like listening to my talking!

We don’t ask them to learn but they learn. If I wake up and read my bible and pray, that’s stronger than asking her to read her’s while I usually don’t. The example is set; less by talking but more by emulation of our actions. Neither do they say ” I want to learn, please put on your best behavior” they emulate both the good & bad.

Our actions speak louder than our words.. In this case, its not a matter of Do as I say but do as I do! And they do too!

They are always learning…


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