Being led by the Holy Spirit for effective Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual Disciplines for Spiritual Growth

I find that nowadays with the cold, most people do not like drinking water, despite the known health benefits as its obvious our bodies need water. Am not alone. My daughter spouts and makes interesting sounds at the sight of her cup with water. She is quite okay with eating her cereal, yes but no water please. I remember last night telling my sister that at this rate to keep up with the healthy water habit (read requirements), I will have to fill a jug each morning and take the water at designated times just like medication. SERIOUSLY. Therefore I found myself laughing when my little girl joined the bandwagon and frowned at the thought of drinking up. Previously, I was ordered by the doctor to drink at least two litres of water daily after a terrifying experience with a urinary tract infection. The fear of getting sick again motivates me but is this really how it should be? For my girl its 100ml a day but I have to be creative to help her reach this amount by the end of the day. This my friends takes discipline.

I can relate this water drinking with the spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fellowship, worship, bible study, meditation, giving, solitude, fasting, silence, celebration among others. They are beneficial to really become the person God intended you and me to be. The bait is that it’s easiest to neglect them. To perform them when it’s most convenient, fail completely to do what we ought to do or do things we ought to avoid. I am sure you have your own experiences that make you marvel at the magnitude of discipline. One of the bus service companies in Nairobi, has a poster on its exterior “Don’t be a last-minuter, be a self-pacer”. I saw it once when I was late and boy wasn’t I stressed!

Being led by the spirit
John 3:8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the spirit.

We need to be led by the spirit in the journey of training in the disciplines of engagement or disciplines of abstinence. Frank Laubach wrote that “the sense of being led by an unseen hand which takes mine… grows upon me daily. I do not strain at all to find opportunity… strain does not seem to do good.”

When the spirit of God leads we find ease to stretch ourselves and comfort when we fall or do not measure up. He does urge us to flow with him but he does not force us like my doctor ordered me to take water or like I try to make my girl drink water (for now). God is different from us and that’s a good thing, He gives us the power of choice. But once we choose right the promise and blessing are activated and released for our benefit. I am reminded of the song “Take from me the stress and strain, let my ordered life confess the beauty of thy peace”

Allow me to urge you to allow the wind of the spirit to blow in your heart this moment so that the spiritual disciplines of engagement and abstinence will be joyfully carried out.

PS. I will continue elaboration of disciplines of engagement and abstinence in a future post.



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