May the grass be greener on our side


It’s in the plush of the night and a dream stirs me awake and indeed I wake up saying NO GOD. I dream of an invitation to leave my marriage, my husband and its scary. I am thankful I finally say NO GOD. This dream is for many  a real invitation answered to or tempting to answer to and quickly so. For what have we been taught, if its not working, leave and quickly so. I pray but my body is breaking out in sweat and I cannot sleep coz THIS IS IMPORTANT. SO I pray for marriages, I pray for what I believe makes the heartbeat of God. I pray for THIS because its what I believe.

I especially dedicate to those married and have to live apart for long periods of time due to one reason or another, maybe work, study or other unavoidable reason. I dedicate this prayer to those who are together but the walls of pain, deceit, doubt and mistrust have made the distance between the two feel like mars and venus, heaven and earth.

May the grass be greener on our side
May our hearts be filled with courage
For you are the God of more
May we in this corrupt generation be unquenchable in our belief of your word
May the fire of our vows burn ever so bright
May we fight for what we saw back then and we what hope to see
May our youth be spent for one another
May this be for posterity, for a testimony and a legacy of your grace
May we see the best in each other
May we build each other up and not tear down
May the fire of your word and promise burn every lingering doubt and dark desire
May we know the adventure that is ours within our marriages
May we ever look to thee for grace
You never said it was going to be easy but you promised to be with us
May we look to you when  we are down and out, when we are old and grey
Remove every deceit from our hearts, give us a heart like yours
May we stand for the long haul
May we fight for our marriages oh God
May we never give up the fight on our knees
May you build for us this house
May we build with the rocks of your faithfulness
May the singles trust that it shall be well with them as they keep faithfulness
May every doubt be quenched by your abundance and presence
For you are the God of more
For you are our ordainer, our source
May our hearts never faint in the journey
May the challenges we face ever make us stronger
May the distance between us only serve to strengthen our passion for each other and our resolve
For you are making our grass greener!

And indeed you are making us flourish in your courts, ever praising thee!


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