“You should know people” from my younger self

As you read, I want to warn you that this is a post I should have posted long long ago; about 2 years ago. I don’t know whether you will like me after this confession but read on. I am grateful I did not delete it 🙂 I can reminisce what it meant to be younger…. 🙂 and later share how much I have grown.
I just wanted to be stunning… Now I am only stunning on the inside – which is what matters first but oh the outside also matters. (You see my ladder was leaning on the wrong wall… visiting a quack I didn’t know was a quack) I forgive that hairdresser but it has given me a deep resolve to change what I can and accept what I cannot change.
What I can change – Soon I’ll be able to hire a personal stylist and will pay them smart – what a woe to fall in the wrong hands of unprofessional hair care-givers…. God save me from this disaster – Professionalism or expertise should be rewarded…
What I cannot change – all my investment in hair has been thwarted… So I will next invest more carefully –

1. By shaving … Like  I had before

Great Hair Nov 12

Great Hair '12
Back then..!

or 2. by hiring a professional hairdresser… That takes me back to my first option; I can change something – to work my hands and brains to hire a professional… And I mean a real professional; not a professional quack – one who can match the shape of my head to the style… BTW I really don’t want to rant but I am … would you have guessed it was my first day at work and I intended to outshine them all???….

Now I know something of what Matt 6:19-20 meant  What a welcome to a new place… MOMBASA known for its pleasure. Not so for me that time. But I so love Mombasa… So I said “I might as well preach a sermon out of this or at least have a note or better still a blog post on more of this…” This is because I believe in a personal, practical God who cares about how we feel and look. Remember He was so down-earth as to provide wine for the village wedding at Cana of Galilee… or to sort out the lady whose daily life was marred by the issue of blood… He cares about your personal need – when I was younger and in school I got to experience Him too as the God who cares enough when I didn’t have a pencil or a pen… That is not a petty God but a personal God. I store my treasures of beauty, dignity and brand to Him…
Irregardless of my investment and the timeline my hair has had so far, “My times are in His hand…” Psalm 31:15

Great Hair Turban-type

Great Hair Styled
The process with dear sis


Great Hair Afro-ish
Great Hair Afro-ish


Great Hair Free
And it grew on and on. This was the stage my hair was at before I was quacked

Romans 8:32 “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?.

2015-04-20 11.23.23
My new look after the experience. Loved it. Coz I had beauty inside. Beauty outside. Inside out!




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