Fear This Creature

“Its time to wash dishes” not again ! There was mama requiring my help but I refrained… Quite rude, uh?
But I considered myself right – I wanted to read so I thought she should understand… She did but was unhappy and oh the beating I got for it.. Just like a daily dose of antibiotics.. Bitter but good results. For me the good result was when she left me alone to read and write  – remember the good old Msamiati book full of sayings and proverbs. How I miss those days… 39/40… who does that? Does it happen these days? sigh! and giggle… (Ps. While in Form 2 at Loreto High School, Limuru, I received Christ and the beatings got less, the reading and writing remained)
Then I said I’d write… then I didn’t. I began following blogs.
And I prayed that I would write.  Wandia Njoya, Leslie Ludy, Sharon Mundia, Mary Muriithi, Wendy Mosingi, Joy Kimani, Matt Masha, kudos and thumbs up – you are an inspiration.
Honestly I like following blogs… I love reading 🙂 My eyes open wider when I see something interesting – soft or hard copy. Yeah, it could be my DNA or enculturated into me by God. Been reading almost all my life. And I was even recently given power to read… ummmh thought I had been reading.
And then another DNA creeped up – I wished for me to come out, knew I gotta do something but didn’t. Reminds me of the Casting Crowns “oh what I would to have the kind of faith it takes to stand before a giant, with just a sling and a stone… the giants keeps on reminding me time nand time again boy you never win.
It cannot be done. I will do it tomorrow. There is someone better placed, or I didn’t succeed last time I tried. What will they think even? What if they do not like it? Familiar with that feeling? The giants DNA forms a mutation and a rewrite of the original make-up almost happens.
So it ends up not being done.  Or you don’t it halfway or worse even you see someone else do it and you wish it was you.
All in all, whether we know it or not, fear what we should be or do, be it or not, do it or not, truth is that there to be a fake there must be an original.
The original is beyond failure, it is ordained by the Master planner of the universe – the creator. No new DNA can overwrite it.
I will shine forth the glory of him who created me.


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