The joy of the whole earth.


Lamentations 2:15 “Is this the city that was called the perfection of beauty, the joy of the whole world?”

I listened to this beautiful song by Joe Praize: “Mighty God” and especially love his lyrics. Jesus is the joy of the whole world for sure.

For you are the great and mighty God. So worthy to be praised. You’re beautiful for all situation. You are the joy of the whole world

Joy … more joy it should be…but is it?

As a parallel, the city of Jerusalem – daughter of Zion was considered as such. But due to heaping sin upon sin, the city had become a mockery, a byword! All who passed clap their hands at ‘her’ All her enemies open their mouths wide against you. They scoff and gnash their teeth. Prophet Jeremiah is so saddened and dedicates the book to record the happenings. The tone is sad, so sad – things are really thick. “Oh virgin daughter of Zion who can comfort you for your wound is as deep as the sea. He exclaims “Who can heal you?” Yet this was the city God had chosen for Himself – His dwelling. Clearly there is no joy here, not joy of the whole world, not even for herself.

The only way out is to weep in travail, cry out to the Lord. Let her tears flow like a river day and night, giving herself no relief, give her eyes no rest. How could she even rest in such a time as this – when her children faint from hunger? Women eat their offspring; priest and prophet are killed in the sanctuary of the Lord.

There are such moments as these in our individual lives, as a society or nation – when all we can do is either watch and sink further into the miry clay or do something else so radical. Maybe the somber situation is as a result of sin, neglect or curse our situation has gone to no-joy situation. All around us actually scoff even unwillingly and unintentionally yet truly our situation is bad. Will you just there or cry out. The spirit of God joins with us in travail when the spirit within man is broken and contrite Joy has fled the hearts; dancing has been turned to mourning.

A time comes when all we can and must do is cry out to the Lord to reverse this ‘error’ to turn mourning into dancing. Sin must be atoned for! Punishment is due… But wait a minute – the people have already borne more than they can bear they are devastated and fact is there is no humanly possible way out. The true joy of the whole world will and has atoned for the sin of the people of Judah; however grievous their sin is. Jeremiah’s question “Why do you always forget us, why do you forsake us so long?” are ultimately answered in Jesus.

Because of the beauty the Lord bestows on the broken hearts that accept His true redemption, then and only then can it can be said Zion “You are the joy of the whole earth” Psalm 48:2-3

El Morro Fotress, 1589. Guides the entrance to Havana Bay. The Faro Castillo de Morro lighthouse was added in 1846.

GOD IS IN HER CITADELS – he has shown himself to her fortress.



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