Trade not aid;what women want

To create is a human nature that finds its roots in God himself. The trend in Africa has been to  and accolades of sympathy to those in need and wish that one day they will stop the culture and somehow become financially independent. The most affected are the women; our mothers, sisters, wives or simply friends.

These have felt the pain childbirth but the most devastating pain is when they see their precious babies threatened by sickness without any hope of getting them proper treatment; sleeping on an empty stomach or worse still seeing their children, their strength grow without a fair chance of opportunities for education. How can one child who barely gets anything to eat compete on level ground with another child who from as little as 6 months has been exposed to advanced technology and knows the world is all theirs to conquer?

Deliberately trade not aid should be a guiding philosophy to make sure women take part in development. They need to use their skills, talents and knowledge to engage in trade to provide for their families. Confidence and a high self-concept that will boost their esteem and maximize their potential.


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