Tech-savvy; choice or no choice

Less than two decades ago, it was a great privilege and sign of being well-off for a family or individual to own a black n white TV set. Characterized by a long aerial and constant knocking to eliminate the flicker, color was only a wish. Then came sets in full color and children envied those who owned one. Today, its difficult to even  imagine how one sat before the black and white set; how a favorite show can be enjoyed “bila rangi” (without color)..
In fact with the digital migration,it seems those still in analogue era will be caught off guard when the CCK and Ministry of Information implements the  directive. As one comedian Smart Joker asserts: “Tumetoka analogue tuko digital”
More scenarios present themselves, leaving us with the question whether being Tech-savvy is a choice or obvious to avoid extinction and irrelevancy in society today.


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