Yet the destination?

An adamant question has been popping on my mind as I wonder whether there is a time when one can claim to have reached the destination of their life while they still live? How can this happen wholesomely? Most of the time we classify life in sets of dreams and targets to be achieved and when these are attained, new ones are set and ones embarks on reaching them. Oft we are running a race we are not so sure about, with a possibility of striving to break other people’s records, be it our parents, siblings, role models, mentors or public figures? It may end being an enmeshed rat race that we cannot easily disentangle.

What if each of us realized that the best thing is to run one’s own race? Here a person sets their own record and breaks it and then sets another record and break it also?

In my opinion, this would make each of us evaluate ourselves justly against clear standards and failure would not be necessarily judged based on most societal standards. Probably the standard would be higher and uncommon potential would be realized.

I recently attended a leaders’ retreat where the speaker challenged us to know that the moment you take a break from leadership, then you are ready to meet your maker; you’ve got no business living. The lesson was that signing into leadership is signing in for life. NO BREAKS. The destination is not an earthly one.

Is it yet the destination? How many more corners till we, (no I mean) till you arrive?


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