Reading as a culture

read with me?

Reading for academics is an art that is as old as the origin of study itself. Anyone can read for the sake of exams and grades. It however takes a little more self-discipline for one to read beyond academics.

It is means one has made a conscious decision to read but often times a book picked ends up being left half-unread or discarded after a few pages. Reading for non-academic purposes acts as a  mind opener, enables one to think broadly and widely  and correlate what is learnt in class in practical ways. Life is more than just the specific career  one is aligned to.

How the other divergent interests in a person’s life will be satisfied depends on the books, magazines and other readings one exposes themselves. It does not necessarily mean that one has to buy the books, but borrowing or accessing through local libraries are viable options.

That way we can disapprove the black joke and stereotype  that ‘If you want to hide something from a Black person, put it in a book‘.

I desire to keep reading and develop a reading culture.

Myths about reading

The older one gets the easier it is to read and reading is inevitable at old age



  1. I agree with you Dorcas. Reading is a culture we all need to cultivate and nourish. I also know it takes discipline to keep reading …and reading the right materials for that matter. Someone said “if you think knowledge is expensive,try ignorance” and I dare not. I believe in the saying “knowledge is power” but I could add that knowledge in the right things is a better power.
    Personally I desire to be a better and wider reader.Thanks for your article.


    1. I so strongly back you up Dorcas,did you know that is is possible for someone to go through the entire campus life without having ever read and finished a single book except for the few selected compulsory class assignments? sadly that is how we end up with illiterate graduates!!!, it is one thing for you to go through campus but a different thing all together for campus to go through you, and how does campus go through you, BY READING FAR AND WIDE.


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