I have been getting numerous comments from people about whether I am related to Lady Justice Martha Koome and yes I am not related to her by blood but coincidentally admire her. Her passion for justice is an inspiration.

Given her many responsibilities as mum, wife, judge and at the same time involved in other Pro-bono work, she is an example worth emulating. God bless her.Image


Reading as a culture

read with me?

Reading for academics is an art that is as old as the origin of study itself. Anyone can read for the sake of exams and grades. It however takes a little more self-discipline for one to read beyond academics.

It is means one has made a conscious decision to read but often times a book picked ends up being left half-unread or discarded after a few pages. Reading for non-academic purposes acts as a  mind opener, enables one to think broadly and widely  and correlate what is learnt in class in practical ways. Life is more than just the specific career  one is aligned to.

How the other divergent interests in a person’s life will be satisfied depends on the books, magazines and other readings one exposes themselves. It does not necessarily mean that one has to buy the books, but borrowing or accessing through local libraries are viable options.

That way we can disapprove the black joke and stereotype  that ‘If you want to hide something from a Black person, put it in a book‘.

I desire to keep reading and develop a reading culture.

Myths about reading

The older one gets the easier it is to read and reading is inevitable at old age

Daring to live on assignment

We have only one chance to live, make use or lose. Time is valuable and a resource given to each one equally, in little deposits of 24hours a day.

I get inspired by those who have gone before me and have made impact to their society and the generations of their time such as Rosa Parks, especially during the annual International W omen’s Day. It is a time to honor women of dignity.

I will not wait to be world-famous to value and celebrate myself but will start now in my sphere of influence, my now-world such as the Daystar University community, where am currently studying B.Com Management Information Systems [MIS]. This is a stepping stone to my next levels and I plan to be a positive influence everywhere I go, even after campus.

I look forward to living each day, keeping out of mind the rehearsal mentality consciously.