Identifying purpose in a crazy world

It is dangerous to let people define us because they may end up confining us. Yes people can be used by God to point us to the right direction but our guidepost should be the sovereign word of God. God is using your brokenness. Don’t despise your brokenness. God can use it to heal another person. Life is a journey. God is not accidental but intentional. He sees the end from the beginning. He never wastes experiences. Even apparent weaknesses and things we don’t like about ourselves or others don’t like about us, contribute to our wholeness. They help us to depend on God fully. In our weakness He is merciful! If you have determined to serve God, He will never let you fall. At the very least they keep us from being conceited by being full of ourselves. Practically when we see someone else struggle similarly, we will have empathy and can give grace which we ourselves have received. God will use it all the good and the bad!